On May 9, 2017, I accepted the honor of being sworn in as the 56th President of COAJ following many friends and colleagues who held this position before me. As mentioned in my acceptance speech, Jessica Olsheski set a high standard for what the modern COAJ President should be and should seek to accomplish. She was a loyal steward to the mission and legacy of this organization and I cannot say thank you enough. Jessica will remain on the board as Immediate Past President and Ex Offico and will help me retain the growth in both sponsors and membership that we saw under her leadership.

This is a year that, with some deliberate changes that I will be making, will see our membership enjoying each other more socially than before but that will also award CLE credit for our regular lunch and dinner meetings. These two primary goals will be accomplished without a dues increase from last year. This increased social mission and increased CLE availability is made possible by your dues but also by our generous sponsors of American Association for Justice; Colley Intelligence; FindLaw; Hickman & Lowder Co., LPA; Higgins & Associates; Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC; Meyer Wilson Co., LPA; Robson Forensic; Scott Warrick Consulting; Subpoena Services Plus; and The Prestwick Group. Without both yours, and our sponsors’ support, we could not enjoy the exciting year that I have planned for COAJ.

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I am honored to be a member of this organization, one that values open access to the justice system for the less fortunate and the disenfranchised and seeks to amplify the soft voices of those injured or mistreated. If there is anything that I personally can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call.

Michael D. Bonasera, Esq.